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Your Online Resource for NUMEROLOGY Certification!

  • Don't be misled by other programs padded out to 300 hours - this industry is self-regulating and the schools are ultimately businesses
  • This Course strips out all the unnecessary time wasting & just presents to you all the information you need to practice safely, successfully and professionally

·         Location: Internet

·         Dates: You may start anytime.

·         Pace: Eighteen months is the longest allowable completion time.

·         Cost: Rs. 3000 for Entire Course or two installments of 1650 Each.

·         Registration deadline: None. Register anytime.

This course IS for everyone. Even if you are a layman with no background in Numerology, or don't want to be a professional Numerologist, you should still take this course. You will learn how to accurately learn about your life through numbers. You will also learn how to use Numerology to help your friends and family!

And, if you are a professional, this course will take you to the next level!

Q: Will I need any other training in order to practice Numerology besides your course?

A: No. Our course is all you will need.

Q: Will I be properly trained if all I take is your online Numerology certification program?

A: Ideally Numerologist would be trained in a classroom setting with an instructor physically present. Unfortunately, this luxury is not practical for many people. When we factor in airfare, hotel, time away from work and family, etc. the costs both monetary and otherwise quickly add up. For this reason, many institutions have turned to online training as a viable alternative to meeting modern day needs. This course, was able to model the Numerology training program to offer an exclusive level of training. Additionally, in this course, you are encouraged to find a study partner and to practice your techniques on a number of people.

Q: What about licensing requirements for Numerologists. Are there any?

A: At this time, to the best of our knowledge, there are no licensing requirements for Numerologists anywhere in the World. However, if you start a business, you will generally need a business license.