Numerology Explained

Numerology Explained

Do you ever sit and contemplate some of the deeper questions about you and your purpose in the world?  Questions like “who created us” and “what am I meant to be doing with my life” is our life preordained or do we have any control over our destiny?  Numerology attempts to answer some of those questions and many more.  Numerology examines number as symbols and using these symbols it can help you determine your path in life.

Finding Your Numbers

The science or art of numerology is nothing new, in fact it has been around for thousands of years.  Numerology uses your birth date along with your name to help you understand yourself and your purpose in the world.  Numerology follows patterns throughout the month and year to outline when you will grow and the challenges you can expect to experience.

The letters in your name have number values and along with your birth date a numerologist can use these numbers in different combinations to find your key numbers. Once you find your key numbers they can be interpreted by the numerologist to describe some of your personal characteristics.  Some of these characteristics are things like kindness, determination or adventurous.  Once you learn your strengths it helps you map out your path in life.  Here is a look at how a numerologist would go about finding your key numbers.

Numerology and Relationships

You can use numerology to help you have better relationships with friends and lovers.  Using numerology you can understand the character of another person and determine compatibility.  Will your relationship lead to marriage down the road?  You can also use numerology to understand what you bring to a relationship. What are both of you passionate about, where do you find your common ground?  Do you both have the same core value system?  All of these are questions that are vital to a relationship and you can try and find your answers using numerology.

It is often said that numbers are the language of God.  In numerology we see the beauty and human characteristics that are attached to numbers and that there is nothing random in the universe.  In numerology we believe that you can use numbers to help you find answers to the deeper questions in your life, to find the path that the universe has created for you. Are you brave enough to give it a try and see what the numbers say about you.

Why Do People Read Their Horoscope?

Why Do People Read Their Horoscope?


People have been checking their horoscopes for years.  It used to be in the newspapers where you could check your horoscope but today there are apps that will give you your horoscope every day.  There are dozens of different websites across the internet that will give you a more in depth reading and not just a three line blurb on how your day will go.  You can have your horoscope sent right to your email or on one of the different social media sites.

There are some people who swear by the advice given to them from their horoscope and others who don’t believe in any of it at all.  It has to make you wonder why do people read their horoscope when they don’t really believe in it.  Despite that horoscopes in the paper or online are still incredibly popular so let’s look at why that is.

  1. To See How Their Day Will Go

Reading your horoscope every day is a habit for a lot of people, they want to know how their day will go.  It gives them peace of mind having some idea what is going to happen.  Horoscopes almost predict the future, although vaguely.  It can give you an idea if you are going to have a good day or a bad day.  You can prepare for it ahead of time or take the right action in a given situation.

  1. To See if Love is in Their Future

This is one of the more common reasons people check their horoscope.  Is the new guy you’re dating compatible with your sign?  At the same time they want to know what characteristics that their potential partner may have.  Sometimes they just want to know if they will meet someone in the near future.

  1. Their Financial Future

Some people want to know if they are going to get the job they applied for, will that new business idea work out or just where there career is going to go.  On top of that some want to know what their lucky numbers are and if they will win the lottery.

  1. It is Entertaining

Whether you believe or not reading your horoscope is entertaining and it does satisfy some curiosity within us.  If you don’t take the predictions seriously that is perfectly fine, you can still be amused and be happy when you read something good about the upcoming day.